This year, the ADD elections (ADEMs) are being held by mail. Traditionally, they are held in person, but due to COVID-19, the CDP is conducting the elections through mail.

Only registered Democrats are able to vote for ADD.

Register to vote here!

Not sure of your registered status? Check it here.

Want to change your voter registration to vote in ADEMs? Click here.

***The DEADLINE to request your ballot is January 11 at 11:59PM.***


After you complete your voter registration form (click here to register), you will receive your official ballot from the California Democratic Party January 6-18.

You can ONLY vote for a total of 14 candidates (7 SIF and 7 OSIF). If you vote more than 14 candidates, your entire ballot will be invalidated. Please use blue or black ink.

Ballots will include a postage-paid envelope so you don't need to worry about a stamp to send back your ballot.

**Mail your ballot back by January 20 to ensure it is mailed with enough time to be counted.**

**Your ballot must be RECEIVED by January 27 in order to be counted by the CDP.**