About Ross

Hi, my name is Ross Pike. I am the Vice President of the Fallbrook Democratic Club. Most recently, I became the first openly gay person elected in Fallbrook as a member of the Planning Group.

I've been involved with the Democratic Party since I was 16 living in Michigan. I began volunteering with President Obama's first campaign and have remained heavily involved ever since. At age 18, I was elected Chair of the Newaygo County Democratic Party- the youngest county party chair ever elected.

I continued my involvement by working on over 24 campaigns before I was 24. At no point has my commitment to the Democratic Party wavered. I even have the Democratic donkey tattooed on my wrist!
As a millennial involved in the political process, I was often the only young person at the table- constantly being told to wait my turn. I understand the importance of working hard to make sure your voice is heard and that actions speak louder than words. When I left Michigan three years ago, I served on the State Central Committee and the Executive Committee of my Congressional District Party, and was unanimously elected Treasurer of the Kent County Democratic Party.

California is a beacon of progressive values and continues to prove to the rest of the nation that our values and initiatives work. It is imperative that we unapologetically continue that legacy and build a strong bench of local candidates for future elections. It's never too early to think about our Party's future.

I've worked hard to make Democratic gains here in Fallbrook. Our club has increased Democratic representation from less than 10% to nearly 50% of all elected seats in just 2 cycles. In 2020, we took a majority on the elementary board and we now hold every seat on the high school board. I have experience campaigning in rural areas working on a variety of campaigns and want to help other local candidates. Even more impressive this year, Fallbrook elected 4 Democrats under the age of 30!

As an Assembly District Delegate, I will bring my experience and energy to serve our district promoting fellow progressive candidates to ensure we maintain our national status as a progressive bastion for the protection of undocumented immigrants, women's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, strengthening our unions, and protecting the environment for future generations.

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