What is the Planning Group?

On concerns of development, zoning, or other general planning decisions in Fallbrook, the Planning Group makes recommendations to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on those matters. The Planning Group is meant to advise the county on the pulse of Fallbrook. It does not set policy or directly control matters. 

Fallbrook is unincorporated which means we do not have any traditional municipal structures such as a city council, mayor, or police department.

The Planning Group is comprised of 15 elected members. In 2020, 8 seats are up for election. In 2022, the remaining 7 seats will be up for election. In the election, the top vote-getters are seated as members of the Planning Group. For example, in 2020, of the 11 candidates, only the top 8 candidates will be seated.

Members on the Planning Group are not paid. This is a volunteer position meant to help serve the needs of the community.