ADEMs, or Assembly District Election Meetings, are elections that are held every two years for each Assembly District (AD) to elect representation of community leaders by registered Democrats to the California Democratic Party. 

Each AD has 14 representatives consisting of 7 self-identified-females (SIF) and 7 other-than-self-identified-females (OSIF). Terms are for two years and are not compensated. These positions are called Assembly DIstrict Delegates (ADD).

These 14 representatives are able to vote on California Democratic Party leadership (chair, vice chair, etc), decide on endorsements for partisan elections (State Assembly, Congress, etc), as well as potential resolutions or planks in the CDP platform.

This is only one branch of the California Democratic Party, but this is the most effective way to make sure that your district is represented to the state party.


This year, the ADD elections (ADEMs) are being held by mail. Traditionally, they are held in person, but due to COVID-19, the CDP is conducting the elections through mail.

Only registered Democrats are able to vote for ADD.

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***The DEADLINE to request your ballot is January 11 at 5PM.***